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company updates

10.31.13  Updated  DN pics/ videos

10.23.13 DN hull  cured  for German client

10.22.13 DN Mast price list added

10.21.13  site review started

10.18.13  Melges 20 keel fins 684, 685 shipped

10.15.13   SC37 rudder to Westerly Marine

10.12.13  DN prototype Wheel system tested

10.11.13   Oyster $1  rudder  delivered

10.03.13   Melges 32 fin shipped #235

10.02.13  CSI supplies parts to "Factory Five"

Welcome to Composite Solutions Inc.

Welcome to CSI

Founded in 1997, Composite Solutions Inc. is a leader in the custom fabrication of quality composites.  CSI focuses on building state of the art rudders, quadrants, spars, steering wheels, and custom products.

We utilize only the highest quality epoxy pre-preg materials, including standard modulus, IM, HM, Carbon fiber, S-glass, E-glass and Aramid fibers with Divinycell, Corecell, and Nomex cores.

From initial concept to the finished part, all processes are performed in our facility, enabling us to exercise rigid controls over the entire part developmentThese processes include engineering, tooling, production, autoclave curing, and finishing. The results are exceptional.

Please browse our website and contact us for your next project.


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