November 7, 2017 (Bristol, RI): The Moore Brothers Company, founded in 2014 by brothers Oliver and Sam, announced today that it has purchased and partnered with custom fabrication company Composite Solutions, Inc., previously owned by Jeff Kent. Operating from a newly established shop on New England’s historic Bristol Harbor, the group will offer engineering, prototype design, custom and production composite fabrication services to the marine industry and beyond.

Founded in 1997, Composite Solutions has manufactured high quality composite components for the marine sector for 20 years. With Kent at the wheel, the company has earned an industry-­‐leading reputation, unique in its ability to process composite materials while dealing with complex designs and difficult process issues. With past clients including the nation’s leading boat builders, naval architects and component manufacturers, Kent’s organization brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to a fresh approach from the Moore Brothers.

“Sam and Oliver Moore have been working in the marine industry for over a decade, and in the last few years I’ve watched them launch and grow their business with energy and care,” said Jeff. “I look forward to working together to expand CSI’s high-­‐level of craftsmanship and apply our skills in new markets and interesting applications.”

Starting in a small garage, the Moore Brothers Company began when co-­‐founders Sam and Oliver took an independent approach to process development. Focusing their first year in business on custom downhill skis, they applied learnings from this process to a mix of projects  in  industries  spanning  eco-­‐transportation,  marine  components,  and  modern  art. Their purchase of Composite Solutions, Inc. and agreement for an extended partnership with Jeff positions the Moore Brothers among the industry’s best-­‐equipped.

“CSI has an impressive track record in the marine industry for delivering the highest quality products  to  clients  throughout  the  world.  We  value  Jeff’s  hands-­‐on  creative  engineering expertise, and his ability to work closely with designers to achieve elegant solutions to challenging problems,” said Sam, a graduate of the engineering program at the University of Vermont, who will head up business operations and new initiatives for the company.

“One of our founding concepts is greater utilization of computer-­‐aided design on the shop floor. We enjoy the complexity of composite fabrication and appreciate the importance of craftsmanship as our field continues to evolve and change,” said Oliver, who earned his degree in physics at Williams College before completing two campaigns in the C-­‐Class Catamaran. “Bringing the new shop together over these past few months has been rewarding. The energy and skill set of our team is shaping up to be a formidable force.”