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Custom Projects

In addition to our work on rudders, quadrants, wheels, and poles, Composite Solutions has also been involved in many interesting custom projects as well. These encompass a wide range of products, from fairly typical marine and aerospace projects to other, more esoteric and downright obscure items. We can accept these projects thanks to our complete in-house design, engineering, tooling and production capabilities. Following is a brief summary of some of the unique projects CSI has been involved with over the last few years.

In the marine field, Composite Solutions provides autoclave cured carbon tubes to Harken for their America’s Cup Class genoa lead adjusters. These are very important, highly loaded pieces of gear and must be made perfectly to ensure flawless performance at the Cup level.

The crossbeams for the 46′ Curt Hughes trimaran “Faamasumi” were produced at CSI. They were fabricated on male tooling from pre-preg carbon and have been put to the test in and around Maine with no problems. CSI built the daggerboard and rudder for this boat as well.

CSI rebuilt a collision-damaged daggerboard for the ORMA 60 trimaran “Gitana X” following a transatlantic race. The foil was badly damaged- the trailing edge was mostly gone and the crash-tip had broken off completely. The foil was repaired and back on the  boat within a week.

We make custom radar towers, such as the one shown to the lower left and custom radar brackets, pictured here that we made for “Zanabe”

Composite Solutions products are in use on high performance autos as well. CSI built the Hard Bar spoiler designed specifically for the Dodge Viper. The unusual section was a challenge but the result was worth the effort. The performance gain was noticeable and the aesthetic effect was stunning. This was achieved with practically no weight penalty. We have also produced the streamlined noses for several top-fuel dragsters.

Researchers in several fields have also utilized our products. CSI produced 3-foot diameter carbon/glass spherical oceanographic buoys. These spheres house sensitive measuring equipment and are designed to withstand rough use, including collisions with ships. We have also built underwater acoustic reasearch tubes for studies at MIT.

In the aerospace field CSI has built missile launch tube covers for Lockheed-Martin and a protective housing for an airborne ozone-measuring device.

In the medical field we have built operating table extensions and radar phantoms (used in dental X-Ray work).

Some of the our latest projects include full scale solar powered UA  to fly continuously at an altitude of 60,000 feet for a year non-stop. Other miscellaneous projects have included carbon light fixtures, tables, speaker cabinets, even a carbon fiber notebook.

We are ready, willing and able to produce almost anything. Contact us to find out how we can make your project a reality.

Full scale wing cross section for a UAV to fly @ 60,000 ft solar powered only.

Housing for air quality inlet unit for instrumentation.

Stratosphere air quality inlet mounted on jet for USAF.

20 foot diameter custom light fixture for a downtown Chicago building main foyer.