DN Iceboat Hulls, Spars, Planks, and Runners

DN Iceboat Components

In 1937 the Detroit Newspaper sponsored an iceboat design contest that led to the creation of the most popular class of iceboats, the DN Iceboat (originally named the “Blue Streak 60”, it later became known by the paper that founded it). Since then the DN has been raced on frozen waters across the States and Europe. The use of composites in the DN Iceboat have made the class stronger, faster, more reliable, and most importantly safer in recent years. Learn more about DN Iceboats at International DN Ice Yacht Racing Association.

CSI has combined knowledge of composite technology with the experience of world class competitors (including at least 14 World Champions and current one) to produce the most advanced and well-design DN products. Whether it’s a small fitting or a spar, performance is the underlying goal.