DN Iceboat Hulls, Spars, Planks, and Runners

DN Iceboat Hulls

Composite Solutions pioneered the use of end-grain balsa as the primary material in DN hulls with lightweight pre-preg fiberglass reinforcement in critical areas. Autoclave curing ensures solid bonding of all materials. There are many benefits to this construction process, including increased strength and longevity of the hull, minimized weight, better structural protection for the sailor, and consistent, repeatable manufacturing capability. These hulls are commercially available at realistic cost.
In 2002 Jeff Kent (World Champ in 1993) and Bernd Zeiger (European champ in 2000) collaborated on a new hull design. The new hull was fully developed in 3D CAD programming and the tooling produced by CNC 3-axis router in house. Tooling was made over a male plug of hull using room temperature epoxy tooling resin and surface coating materials with fiberglass as the reinforcement fiber. The entire tool was post cured at 300 degrees after removal from the plug.

Materials used in construction of the DN Hull are 0.625″ and 0.125″ thick Baltek Super Lite AL60-10 select density end grain balsa, Epoxy pre-preg “E” glass uni-directional tape, and pre-preg film adhesive supplied by YLA. Curing takes place at 260 degrees for 4 hours while under vacuum and 90 psi autoclave pressure. The hull is pleasing to the eye with many graceful compound curves. The cockpit is roomy while the high sides offer increased security for the pilot as well as improved aerodynamics.