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Masts & Booms

Composite Solution’s custom spar projects are approached individually, keeping our clients’ select needs and requirements paramount. We give exceptional attention to the details in every aspect of each mast and boom that we make. The results speak volumes.

Our spars are constructed using pre-preg materials wrapped around male tooling. Jeff Kent developed this process over the past 3 decades which is now being used by major spar builders. This produces a spar with continuous load-bearing fibers along its length and around its circumference. Spars are autoclave-cured to the industry standard of 80- psi at 250F to ensure a compact, void-free laminate. CSI has produced both conventional masts and masts that incorporate in-mast furling, and both conventional and park-avenue style booms. We have the capability to produce spars up to 120 feet in length.

Our faux-wood finishes are outstanding. After examining our competition’s faux finish we decided that faux should not simply imply a wood finish, but should accurately represent a wood spar. This led to painstaking experimentation until successfully matching the varnished finish of Sitka spruce. Not satisfied with merely mimicking the grain perfectly, we developed techniques for exactly simulating seams and scarf joints as well. The finished product is breathtaking and surpasses any other faux finished spars.