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Spinnaker Poles, Struts, and Sprits

The same design, engineering, production techniques and attention to detail that go into Composite Solutions’ spars are also applied to our spinnaker poles and reaching struts. This results in the strongest, most reliable, and lightweight poles available.

All poles are fabricated from the highest quality pre-preg materials wrapped around male tooling, ensuring uninterrupted load-bearing fibers along the length and around the circumference, eliminating weak points. All curing is done via autoclave at 80 psi to guarantee the most compact and void free laminate possible. CSI produces both tapered and non-tapered sections, from 10 to 50 feet in length.

CSI offers a choice of finishes, from clear coat to show off the carbon twill, Awlgrip to compliment your yacht, or our amazingly realistic faux-wood finish for a classic look.